There are few times as a photographer that you discover something this rare to photograph. This sculpture was part of a water sculpture exhibit on Halstadt Lake in Austria. The table was camouflaged by huge, brightly painted styrofoam floating pieces. What you see here is the product of three months of painting details out of and into this image. Intrigued by the sculpture, I did as much research as I could about the city, the lake, and the sculptor. My research lead me to a charming folk tale about the ancient city of Halstadt that says that all the people living there keep a pair of rain boots on their table in anticipation for the next flood. I can only guess that the dates on the frame symbolize the height of the water (water table) for those years. I was not able to find the name of the sculptor. The Water Table hangs over the fireplace in my living room. The surreal quality of the floating dining table inspires viewers’ personal interpretations. Most people stand in front of the photograph and study it curiously. It is a thought provoking conversation piece. I am always fascinated with the questions people have and the stories they imagine. The family table and the tall ladder back chair offer a visual feast of symbolic elements. This photograph invites an open narrative, which is my goal as the artist.